Sacred Love: A Journey of Singleness, Belonging, and Finding True Love

By Claudia Cantrell with Kim P. Davis

 “I had tried to put God in a self-created box concerning my own happily-ever-after, which limited the bigness of God...It took a long time to get to the point of Jesus being the One to lean on.”

Single at age 50, alone, and no place to turn but Jesus, Claudia has a crisis of belief. She either has to totally trust God with the pain of her past or forever live defeated. In Sacred Love, Claudia finds the One who will never abandon or reject her. Then, while on a mission trip and when least expected, Claudia meets a doctor who challenges her with his love for people who need Jesus and compassion.

In this heartfelt and sweet love story of a broken, single woman surrendering all to the Prince of Peace, God reaches out to a woman in the ashes to bring her into a life of redeeming grace. Sacred Love is a beautiful testimony for those struggling to find contentment, joy, and fulfillment in Christ alone.

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About the Authors

Claudia Cantrell was a successful, independent career woman who was also lonely, single, and heartbroken. Now, she is a successful, independent career woman and one who lives life abundantly in Christ. Her extraordinary journey of victory is shared in her memoir, Sacred Love.

Working on a medical mission trip, God surprised Claudia with another gift—a family. After 54 years of singleness, Claudia married David and became stepmother to Katie. Claudia also enjoys interior design, speaking to women’s groups, traveling, and baking. She and her family now live in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Kim P. Davis is an author, ghostwriter, and editor who has written or edited books such as Voices of the Faithful, My Life His Mission, Both Feet In, A Thousand Times Yes, and others. As a graduate of the University of Georgia, she has used her journalism degree to write literally throughout the world, since she and her husband served 13 years as missionaries with the International Mission Board. They now reside in Richmond, Virginia. Kim loves being a wife, mother, and now grandmother!


What people are saying about Sacred Love


Sacred Love captures your attention from the very beginning, so much so that you won’t be able to put it down! Through Claudia’s personal story of singleness, she exposes a subject we all deal with—God’s unconditional love regardless of your circumstances. What matters most? Loving God with all our hearts and accepting His eternal love.”

Bob Buford, author of Halftime and Drucker & Me Founder, the Halftime Institute


“A story of hope and redemption, Sacred Love is a real-life account of God’s pursuit of love for us, even when we prefer to be self-sufficient. Claudia’s love stories with the Prince of Peace and eventually with a godly husband are woven together with a fresh look at Scripture. Readers will enjoy the humor, honesty, and life application while being reminded that God truly loves us.”

— Johnny Hunt, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia; author of Building Your Spiritual Resume, Shoe Leather Christianity, Building Your Leadership Resume, and Wisdom om the Scriptures Vol.1


“Reading Sacred Love will make you happy inside! Whether you are single, married, widowed, or divorced, Claudia’s five-star story will speak to that part of you that longs to know God really loves you and will meet you in a very personal way, right where you are.”

Jan Silvious, author of Fool-Proofing Your Life, Big Girls Don’t Whine, and Same Life, New Story


“Dive into this transparent story from Claudia’s heart about finding true peace in the love of God. This story of forgiveness, struggle, faith, and contentment needs to be heard by millions of single men and women who seek to be loved and accepted. Sacred Love is inspiring, challenging, and full of hope.”

— Jim Brangenberg, iWork4Him, radio talk show host




"I am certainly loving my quiet time." 

20 year old college student







"Do you ever long for a deeply soul-satisfying love and a fulfilling sense of belonging to the only One who can give you the blissful joys of a happily-ever-after life? Sacred Love is the truthful, heartfelt and poignant love story of how a precious child of God can find triumphant victory over utter brokenness. Overwhelmed by the most distressing, traumatic and turbulent circumstances, you come face to face with an ultimate crisis of belief and a numb distrust of everything in life. Unable to carry the heavy burdens anymore, you surrender the bitter, painful past to God. By surrendering to the One who loves you the most, you learn how to live life more abundantly through Christ. Sacred Love compels you to run to Jesus Christ, your heavenly Bridegroom, your happily ever after. He is your own true love, the only One who can transform a sad life into a most joyful one. Jesus is our only reason for living. In Him, we live and move and have our being. When Claudia rekindled her first love for Jesus Christ and made a firm decision to love, cherish and obey His will in her life, God healed Dr. David Cantrell’s grieving heart and gave Claudia to him as his bride. Today, Claudia and David serve Christ together in the Cantrell Ministries.

Miriam Jacob, reviewer at the Journal of Theological Studies, Oxford Academic, Oxford University Press


"A Journey of Singleness, Belonging, and Finding True Love by Claudia Cantrell with Kim P. Davis brings us along in life. From heartbreak through pain and family issues unto death and beyond wading through career struggles and failures, we will see into our own journeys through anger, forgiveness, doubt, fear, mistakes, wishes for a do-over, wanting acceptance, and needing repentance. All the while, we sort through our emotions and realize our need of letting go.

Her life story highlights struggles in the same areas for all of us, in varying degrees at different points in time. What sometimes will seem so very right will seem all so very wrong as we fight for control that we've never had and would be happier without. Why can't we just let it go?

I highly recommend Claudia Cantrell's story as she brings Scripture into our focus and into our interaction with others, using God's Word throughout the stages of life.

It is humbling to see yourself in this read and to find through your own experience that it is too easy to take the lead. Due to pride, want, and self-sufficiency to the extreme, we take our own directions when what we really need to do is follow instead. Inside you will find many points where you relate to her struggle, and to your own surprise, you will say that was I too! All the while, you will learn through Biblical terms where you need to take heed inside of your current day.

Claudia Cantrell with Kim P. Davis will take you into Claudia's life and out of your own, placing you where you need to be on your own journey.

Paula Rose, NetGallery, 5 out of 5 stars


“This was a wonderful book ! I picked it up to read it and didn't put it down until I finished it. Claudia's story was inspirational and relatable on many levels. This book offers comfort and hope and will benefit anyone.......not just single women!”

Amazon Customer


“God's love and grace absolutely amaze me as He reveals to Claudia her true identity is found in Him alone. Experiencing contentment wherever Christ has you in your journey is one of His many blessings. This true story is such an encouragement and joy to read.”

Amazon Customer


“A wonderful read and I usually don't enjoy this type of book, but this is one I could not put down! A beautiful picture of what God can do when we surrender it all to HIM. This is wonderfully written and I highly recommend this for anyone single or in a difficult marriage.

Amazon Customer


“This book was engaging, encouraging, and challenging. The book is about Claudia's story, but you cannot help but quickly realize that this is your story too. Jam packed with so many good truths and very well written; I couldn't stop reading!”

Amazon Customer


“This is much more than a wonderful love story it's a testimony of the value of surrendering our dreams and plans and waiting expectantly for Gods plan to unfold. This proves again what a dear friend once told me... 'God saves the best for those who leave the choice to Him. I appreciated Claudia's transparency regarding her struggles during the wait.”

Amazon Customer


“A beautifully written book that is a breath of fresh air. God works in our lives, for sure, but how often we miss what He is doing, or we abort the blessing He has for us because we do not stop, listen and patiently wait. Claudia Cantrell is one who learned through trials and struggle that God's love for her included paying attention to her heart's desires. In the process of answering her cries, He would instruct her and teach her "in the way she should go". She got it - she learned to let go... and let God. The result of a lesson well-learned is thrilling and encouraging to read about.

Amazon Customer