I have heard people ask about a single person, "I wonder what is wrong with her?" This assumption is not only hurtful, but judgmental. I’m sure people asked this about me for many years. Why does society assume things about people who are not like the majority of their friends? Single men and women—whether divorced, widowed, or never married—could be making a personal choice to remain single or perhaps they don’t have a choice. As the apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:12, he knew singleness well and remained that way. There are many advantages to being single, so whether it’s by choice or not, could it be that God can more freely use singles who are devoted to Him without distractions? Absolutely. Singleness brings freedom to spend more time with Jesus and ministry. So if I could change people’s opinion on singleness, it would be to instead see singleness as an opportunity to be completely devoted to Jesus rather than as a character failure.